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September 2004
3 news chapters
added january 9th

September 22-29, 2004
Rough custom
We bike through tropical terrain past rivers and stuff. We arrive at Amatillo without any cash and the border guard lets us into Honduras without paying. He is pissed and slams his stamper violently into our passports.

September 14-21,2004
Spicy Beans
We bike to Santa Ana where a spiraling road takes us down into town. A walking vendor sells us a hot and spicy maize drink called Atol Chuco, there are beans in the bottom and spice on top.

September 2-8, 2004
From Paradise to Cockroach Family Ambiance
We pack up early and head down to the dock after breakfast; we swim and wait for the boat. We sigh as the boat skims us away from paradise with a boatload of tourists who carry enormous backpacks.