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October 13th, 2005

Where have they gone?

Did the big trucks finally squash them?
Where they devoured by evil Columbian terrorists?
Or has Montezuma’s revenge consumed them by way of a deadly tropical flesh eating disease?

Be assured dear readers, we are among the living and in good health! On the other hand, the voyage came to an end on March 12th 2005 because our passion for adventure was extinguished…for now anyway. Too much new, a weakening of our curiosity, the constant lack of stability, another project in mind… these are some answers that explain our decision. In a delay of five days we said goodbye to the city of Cali, Columbia and came back to Montreal (by plane this time). Yeah for technology! We spent barely five hours in the air between Bogotá and Toronto.

What’s more, you haven’t seen the end of our adventures and our encounters. The four articles that are fruit of interviews in Nicaragua, Panama, and Columbia will be presented in the coming weeks. We live with a certain guilt towards the organizations we met because the delay of publishing has been prolonged much more than we would have liked. Furthermore, in the coming months and years, we will do our best to keep in touch with these people who are so full of life and hope with which to improve upon the world. And who knows, you may very well join us in giving them a hand in their struggle!

Thank you for staying faithful to the project and for helping us in making it known. If you have any ideas or comments don't hesitate to Contact us!!

august 15th, 2005

Finally a new article!
National Network for Consumer Defense (NNCD)
articles section, see Nicaragua
Recently, citizens throughout Nicaragua have been confronted with the government's decision to privatize water services, putting the already uncertain future of accessibility to potable drinking water further into jeopardy. As is currently the case in Nicaragua; multiple well-known international organizations such as the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the World Bank (WB) have their role to play in pushing forward the privatization process in the third world. We shall see how the resistance is organizing in this small country through the NNCD.

february 11st, 2005
pictures section
Here are 100 new pictures taken in December. They tell the story of our time in Panama!

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