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August 2004
3 chapters + 1 new
added january 9th

August 16-31, 2004
Chicken and beef
We eat out and are not surprised when there are only three options: chicken soup, fried chicken, and fried beef. It’s been this way since we entered Guatemala.

August 11-15,2004
Taking care of business...
We chill out until Monday afternoon hoping for healthy news. Johanne is meanwhile very happy that the toilet is only a few feet away. We are trying to make the project known so we write crazy amounts of emails to all sorts of publicity people.

August 6-10, 2004
The river and the tortillas
La Mesilla descends behind us as we climb into the mountains but not before it’s busting street-turned-market furnishes us with cheese (wrapped in a banana leaf) and tortillas. The road follows a beautiful little river going upstream.

August 2-5, 2004
Where the bridge have no name
To our surprise we pass a bridge with a sign saying Puente Quita Calzon. This translates to “Take off your underwear bridge”. All the bridges in Mexico have names but this one is by far the best. We continue with our repetitive motion until nightfall.