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June 2004
4 chapter

June 25-30, 2004
We coast down and down and down long hills
We make some preparations, do some more Internet and head out in the afternoon with a sandwich in our bellies to fuel the 14km climb. At the top we spot a precious open meadow studded with pines and overlooking the mountains. Here is our sublime campsite where we make a fire and drink mezcal and enjoy the smells of the mountain forest.

June 21-24, 2004
Some serious hill!
We head out in the afternoon to bike through serious hectic traffic and up a long hill for an hour to the ruins of Monte Alban. The prize is twofold, we tour the ruins assimilating as much information as we can, to our surprise the natives who built these temples were Zapotecos just like our friends in Santa Maria de Yaviche. Prize #2 is the long descent, I love to go fast and this hill satisfies my need.

June 11st, 2004
Raoul Gatica's interview
Back in Oaxaca we hang out at the CIPO and begin to write our articles, we conduct a “formal” interview with the semi famous torture victim Raoul Gatica who is inspired.

June 6th, 2004
Fold it into an unconventional edible spoon
We head out to explore the village. Dirt paths lead between the houses. The conglomeration of houses looks over a stunning valley. As it rains every afternoon almost all year round here the colour of the landscape is bright and rich.