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May 2004
1 chapter

May 31st, 2004
Take it easy
We ride through rolling hills and past the city of Ocotlan after which we begin to approach increasingly populous areas on the outskirts of Oaxaca. Traffic gets heavy as we make our way past poor areas with tin houses.

May 22-30, 2004
The morning of imaginary descents
This morning we grind. Up and up and up into the mountains. All descents that happen this morning are in our wildest dreams. We cruise at the phenomenal speed of 4 km/h past little villages who sell honey. We soon realize that it has a marvelously rich taste, totally different from pure Canadian honey, it is a mixture of flavors.

May 16-21, 2004
No man land
We leave this little town whose road sign was paid for by Coke early in the morning. We’ve both decided that we don’t like this State very much. The landscape is brown and dry, only changing when a black field appears, every once in a while the monotony is broken by a heap of rank burning garbage.

May 2-8, 2004
A day in San Marcos
In the morning I’m still doing lousy so we have a small day and get a hotel room with a fan in San Marcos. We spend the next day recuperating from our reintroduction to the heat. The Señora at restaurant Ruth overcharges us for a milkshake. We refuse to be stupid and pay extra just because we’re white. She doesn’t agree and we get called some names that aren’t so nice.