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April 2004
3 chapter
added august 6th

April 20-25, 2004
Very early in the morning we head out of the city to my aunt Martha and uncle Aurelio’s place. A party of eight, we arrive at the Barbacoa spot. Three men are scraping the remnants of a fire of a pile of cactus leaves, cooling everything down with sprays of water. They then peel the leaves off one by one until the meat of five sheep that has been cooking here all night becomes visible. It is the most succulent meat I’ve ever tasted, falling off the bones and melting in your mouth. Oh, did I happen to mention I’m no longer a vegetarian?

April 14th, 2004
Special word of the day : retortijones
We had made an early stop and woke up on the beach before the sun. Dozens of people are running down the previously deserted sand. They seem to float in the hazy morning light. They are fisherman, collecting bait for the day with nets that they throw out into the water.

April 1st, 2004
Because we really like it
No time to celebrate this special day. After a mighty good sleep in the comfort of a bed we head out for breakfast and a long swim to relax our stiff legs. We chill till the afternoon. Some restaurant owners treat us like poo and Johanne tells them where it’s at, their service sucks. They get mad, tortillas hit the fan!