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March 2004
3 chapter
added june 16th

March 28th, 2004
the Terry Fox run
We left Vallarta early this morning with a hug and goodbye for Gustavo and Brenda. I’d been looking forward to riding again after nearly 2 weeks and I got all excited in the crack of dawn preparations. As excited as I could be that is, with my eyes half shut. We rode the now familiar chemin towards downtown Puerto and got caught up in what would soon be the Terry Fox run.

March 10 th, 2004
The Phallic Lighthouse hotel
We arrive in Lazaro Cardenas on Good Friday and guided by imprecise directions from several separate sources we find ourselves checking out a sex motel (the cheapest thing around). We haggle until the deal is good and scoot inside the phallic “lighthouse” hotel.

March 8th, 2004
Where’s the beach?
Our map shows a road running right along the coast, but we don’t see the beach for two full days. We have mastered the routine of early morning rising, afternoon relaxing, and riding till nightfall.