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January 2004
2 chapter
added june 16th

January 26th, 2004
Monday ...
We make it to San Quintin and decide to stop to write an article. We spend two nights here holed up in our room. We don’t miss much though, the cities people seem to be generally apathetic, our feelings are to be confirmed by another cyclist two weeks later.

January 1st, 2004
San Diego – Chula Vista
On the way through San Diego we stop our bikes by a pirate ship in the Marina and chow some good lentil soup that rocks our pirates palates. We move our bums south of San Dee through semi-industrial wonderfulness across bridges past prisons and army firing ranges with hospitable rifle sounds. Eventually we arrive in the suburban city of Chula Vista with a flatty flatty tire and a good ole need to rest up amongst family.