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november 2003
4 chapters
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added march 4th

november 16th, 2003
Jesus love YOU!
We climb through light rain and fog in a magical landscape and reach the top at 3,800 a few hours later quite wet but not too cold…yet. A long descent awaits us as well as a few days of riding to get across the Cascadia Mountains to the coast where we assume it will be warmer and sunny. It’s California right?

november 12th, 2003
Reservoir sleep spot untrue wheel
Our stay in Mount Shasta is marked by good bread, a wonderful and energetic baby girl, walks on the mountain, good food amongst friends. Otherwise we were holed up like a couple hibernating bunnies, writing articles and transcribing interview tapes.

november 11th, 2003
Sunny morning at Sea Lion caves
We experience a dramatic weather change after a sunny morning, the wind begins to blow extremely hard and we have to stop at the entrance to the Sea Lion caves near the top for fear of being blown off the road.

november 7th, 2003
Oregon Beach!
We head down the Oregon coast, it’s deserted because the tourist season ended about five years ago.