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september and october 2003
5 chapters

october 30th, 2003
Finally in Oregon
We continue South and arrive at a four mile bridge leading into the state of Oregon. The bridge has no shoulder, and the wind is so strong that I have to put down my foot for fear of falling, but that’s ok I’m not moving very fast.

october 26th, 2003
Olympic Peninsula
We leave Olympia heading north? Yes, we’re heading around the Olympic Peninsula on the Pan-American Highway, highway 101. Our first evening we stop near a seedy bar to find a place to camp.

october 14th, 2003
A new bicycle journey
On this bright morning we finally set out on our bicycle journey. The regular rain has given way allowing us an excellent day to give the first pedal stroke in the direction of Argentina. The day is perfect, we sing and laugh, it’s good to be moving.

october 3rd, 2003
The north shore
Before we enter in earnest into the project preparations we go on a hike on the North shore. Our new friend Bob shares his taste for the extreme with us. We explore a steep ravine and swing a suspension bridge as hard as we can.

september 26th, 2003
Trip log one
A new stage of my life begins. We come prepared for this stage with lots of nuts, fruit, and sandwich supplies with which to affront a long and demanding voyage. An Oka cheese accompanies us all the way to Calgary, faithfully stinking up da bus every time we open our bag.